Monday 25 March 2013


On Friday Room 12 played cricket. The cricket man introduced himself, his name was Kurt. We had to split up into groups of 6. Foxx was the first person to bat and do you know what? He hit it so hard that it went all the way down to the fence. Then Kurt put three balls on the cone and we had to hit all three balls and hit the wicket to get points. After that my group had to field and we had the lowest amount of points and we said to the other team well done. Kurt said well done Room 12 and he said we played cricket really well. Then Room 12 went back to class and did fun activities.What awesome fun room 12 had.

Written By Katelyn

Sunday 24 March 2013

Devonport Trip

On Thursday the 14th of March Rooms 11,12 and 13 went to Devonport. When we were going to Devonport we had a very long bus ride to the ferry. After the bus ride we got on the ferry. While we were on the ferry we took some wonderful photos. We went through some very dark tunnels. We used torches to help us. Some people were really scared but not me! Then we found a really nice hill that we could slide on. All of the classes used card board to slide down the hill. After a really long trip we went back on the ferry and back on the bus while we were on the bus some children were sleeping because they had a good trip and were very tired.
By Levron

Saturday 16 March 2013


Room 12 has been learning about butterflies. Tanisha and I have been recording a video about butterflies. There were two cocoons, one on top and one down the bottom. We were recording with Miss Zeier's phone. One flew away and one died. The butterfly that flew away laid its eggs  on the plants outside. 
By Levron

Tuesday 12 March 2013

Music Class

Dawson school has a new teacher Mrs Bert. Mrs Bert is our new music teacher. The songs that she taught us were Shimmy Shimmy, John Kanaka, Chimbbara Chimbbara and One Bottle of Pop. That's all the songs she taught us. We play some of those songs with xylophone's.

By Sam