Monday 27 June 2016

Earthquake by Maryanne Autupuna

On Wednesday we were in the middle doing our writing.Suddenly we heard a rumble I called out miss burton and the books were fulling of the self. But it was a earthquake we call went under the table. we all went under the table because the table starnger. The carten were scaning

Saturday 14 May 2016

Tread Lightly

Last term room 12 went to the Tread Lightly Caravan. When we got to the caravan we met a lady. She told us how much energy we use in our homes.


 We all had to get into groups of 4. The first thing we went to was the game that ask things to us. We had amazing helper. Next we went to the worm farm which had a lot of worms that we had to find.

 After that we had to go to somewhere that we learn where we put rubbish and see  how long rubbish takes to break down. What we learned was to put our rubbish in the right bin. After that we went to play another game. It was very fun. We were playing snake and ladders. The point of the game was to answer questions so we could get to the end square.

After that it was time to go but first we had to pick a wood that had a promise to do and never forget. Finally it was time to go. We all said goodbye and we went back to class.

By AJ and Deidre 


Last term miss Burton brought her dog in to visit Room 12. First Miss Burton told Room 12 about Inca and answered our questions. 

Miss Burton chose some kids to take Inca for a walk and read her a book. Miss Burton made sure Inca had food and water. 

Then she put her on the lead and we were throwing the ball and Inca ran to get the ball. Then we got to write descriptions about Inca in our writing books. 

We had a great time meeting Inca and can't wait to see her again!

By Jazz and Katherine

Family Fun Day

Dawson primary school had a family fun day.

 All of Dawson had to go into groups then they went to there stations. We played lots of fun games and activities like musical chairs, soccer, jumping bean bags and many more games! 

After that Miss Zeier rang the bell to have lunch. 

 The point to having a Family fun day is to celebrate all the hard work, get to know each other and get our parents to come and join and and most importantly... to have fun!

By Kaytelyn and Miah

Cooking and Gardening

On Tuesday we went to cooking and gardening. It was at the Dawson kitchen and in the gardens.

There was a blue team and a red team.  The blue team were picking up the ingredients and the red team were cooking tasty food.

After the blue team picked the veges, they gave it to the red team to cook it. 

When we were done, it was time to eat! We all went to the kitchen and then Tonny said a prayer.

When he finished we started eating the yummy sweet corn fritters.

Room 12 had a happy day.

By Tonny and Bradley

Wednesday 11 May 2016



Room 12   have been going to Otara Swimming pools for swimming lessons.  We swim with 3 coaches. Their names are Ana, Michael and Angela.  

They are the best teachers in the pool because they are fun, amazing and always happy for us. We all like swimming  because we get to stay for a while in the huge pool where it is big and we can not touch the bottom of the pool. 

We play games in the pool. We play lots of games that are fantastic. Swimming means to have fun and learn new skills in the pools.
We learn free style and many more games and things. swimming is great and fun. Room 12 liked swimming and liked the teachers too.

By Maryanne and Mereana

Saturday 2 April 2016


Meet the marvellous and magnificent children of Room 12! 
We are very excited about a busy, fun year in the senior school!