Sunday 2 November 2014


Last friday we did afl. We learned a skill called drop punt. A drop punt means if your holding a ball and you want to kick it straight to the person you want to kick it at. So you have to put the ball down up to you knees, but laces away from faces and then kick the ball. 
By Colin and Tuiko

Kiwi Kick

On Friday we did AFL Kiwikick. AFL means Australian Football League. We learned how to drop punt the ball to our partner our leaders were James, Jamie, Jono and Nick. Room11 joined us too. We learnt 4 steps. 1. Laces away from faces. 2. Drop the ball to your foot. 3. X's up and down. 4. Pointy toes facing towards your partner.
By:Logan & Scott.

Solids,Liquids and gases

A solid is something that stays in one place.

A liquid is something that moves in stuff

A gas is something that fills any space

My Holidays

In the holidays I played tag with my family. I was in the yellow team. We versed the blue team. My dad was in the blue team. We played at the Othello Park. I scored two tries. I did a runaway try. I stepped my dad and my cousin. I did a line break. I went through my mum and dad. What did you do?
By Scott

   YELLOW                                 VS                        BLUE