Friday 28 August 2015

Oil and Water

Oil spills into the water and when oil hits water animals under the sea are in danger. Oil can be caused by a tanker full of oil smashing into a ship. 

The oil can kill seals by poisoning their food. Oil can kill dolphins by blocking their blow holes, this makes it hard for the dolphins to get air above the water so they can breathe under water. Oil can kill birds too, if oil hits the birds feathers the bird will fall and be freezing cold on the floor.
By Seluvaia

Year 4's Zoo Trip

The Zoo
Year 4 went to the Auckland Zoo.
We got split into groups.
We got to see...
the elephants
spider monkey

tasmanian devil


Hi my name is Elizabeth and I would like to talk about Halloween in America.

The different thing about America and New Zealand is that America is bigger than New Zealand. When you are celebrating Halloween here in New Zealand you do not get as much candy as in America. In America you carve your own pumpkins and they have very big, humongous pumpkins. When you are in New Zealand you never get big, humongous pumpkins like America.

When America is celebrating Halloween they also have big parties with family or with work. 
When you are in New Zealand we don't have that many parties for Halloween. Sometimes if you have parties some people do not turn up or they would be sick and that is what makes the parties boring.

By Elizabeth.

Vampire Bats

Vampire bats are one of the grossest animals in the world, they are just like vampires. They can suck peoples blood and other animals. It comes out at night but it sleeps in the day. At night is when they land next to a sleeping animal then they bite it  then they suck there blood like in the picture. Gross!!! 

A Vampire Bat looks sort of like a pig with large fangs and pointy ears. A Vampire Bat is about 3 inches long and has a wingspan of about 8 inches. Its fur is a dark-grey brown. It has two sharp pointy teeth and walks using its strong back legs. A Vampire Bat likes tropical places.

By Tristan

How to make a normal aeroplane with A4 paper

How to make a normal aero plane with A4 paper.
This will how you how to make a normal aeroplane with
A4 paper.
To make this you will need...
- pencil
- A4paper
- rubber

1. firstly, get a pencil, paper and a rubber.

2. next, fold your paper in half so it is facing upwards.

3.then, open it up and make sure it is straight.

4. secondly, get one of the corners and then fold it until it touches
the line. Do it again to the other corner.

5. then, fold the corners again so it looks like a jet with no wings.

6. next, fold it in half again.

7. then, fold it again but the opposite way and then make your

8. then, you can

get your pencil and draw any decorations on

Earth Day

Earth Day is held on the 22nd of April. It marks a anniversary for when people do events to help the environment get better. The creator who came up with the idea of Earth Day was Gaylord Nelson. The first Earth Day was in 1970. The Earth Day flag was created by John McConnell.

Moving Through The Air

Hi my name is Maria and today I will be talking about moving through the air. Many different types of birds fly. Birds can fly by using the muscles in there wings. 

Some other animals also move through the air like bats and the sugar glider. The way bats fly with their wings that are made out of thick skin. The other animal I wanted to talk about is the sugar glider. The only thing birds and the sugar glider don't have in common is that the sugar glider does not fly.

By Maria


Wednesday 26 August 2015


Hi my name is Suzy Tuigamala. I am 8 years old . I like every kind of sport. The colour of my eyes are brown. I go to Dawson Primary in Otara. I am in Year 4.

Wednesday 12 August 2015

How is electricity made?

Electricity is for powering our homes around the world. We use electricity power stations so that we have enough power for our homes. Electricity is from fossil fuels and nuclear power stations. You can also get it from wind, water, oil and the sun. 

Tristan's Wordle

Wordle is a website that lets you make a list of words into pictures. I wrote words about myself.


Wordle is a website where you can create a list of words about anything. I did one about me!

My Favourite Things Lathaneal

This is me...

My Favourite Things...

We used a website called Wordle to describe ourselves and the things that are most important to us!

This is Me - Adrian

These are a few of my favourite things...

Tuesday 4 August 2015


In room 12 we have groups for reading. The Giraffe group read  a book called Awumpalema. In the story there was a magic tree that when you say its name food will drop down from the tree. The animals needed to say the magic trees name but they kept on forgetting it. 

The tortoise went and asked the mountain spirit to say the magic word one more time. 
The tortoise kept on saying the magic word when all of a sudden the tree let all the food down and water came out for the animals to drink. They lived happily ever after.

If I had a magic food tree I would want it to drop...
Raiha -  cake and strawberries with chocolate but not peanut butter and marmite
Suzy - Fresh fruit but not jam
Alekisio - snickers bars but not cake or pumpkin

Thanks-Giving Day

Canada's first thanksgiving was in 1617 and carried on for centuries. The United States first Thanksgiving was in 1619 and is still on today. First the families pray to God or Jesus for a few seconds or they talk about all that they are thankful for in their lives. Then they eat turkey and spend time together. The United States Thanksgiving is on the fourth of  November  and Canada is on the second of October.

By Seluvaia

How do honey bees collect and make honey?

Honey bees fly out of the hive and find flowers all around the grass. Honey bees collect nectar  they suck it and carry it back of their legs and this is called pollen sacks. Honey bees use water,enzymes and nectar to make honey. 
By Tayge 

Descriptive Writing Practise

We were practising how to describe something. What do you think of the story we made up about kiwis?

The NZ Kiwi

Kiwis have dark brown fur. 
They have two little beady black eyes. 
The kiwi has a long pointy beak like Pinocchio. 
Its small furry wings sit right beneath their necks. 
They have little wings like little baby chickens.
No matter how hard they flap their wings they can't fly!

By Lauren, Seluvaia, Elizabeth, Adrian, Tristan and Maureen