Thursday 27 March 2014

Senior Assembly

This afternoon we had our senior assembly. Room 17 shared some poems, sung some songs in Maori and did a cool dance. At the end they had a quiz and the kids could win Easter eggs. The teachers had a question too and Kryzlah helped Miss Zeier win an Easter egg! After it was finished they gave out the class cup and the winners were... Room 12!!!

Look at our awesome class with the assembly trophy!

Dinosaur at Dawson

One day I walked to school. It was a nice day. When I got to school it was morning tea. The bell rang to go and play. I went and  played on the playground, then I heard  a noise. All the kids that  were on the playground went quiet. Then I saw a humungous dinosaur. Everyone screamed and ran away. I threw a stick at the dinosaurs mouth and I screamed and ran away. The dinosaur followed me. The dinosaur stood on the path and the dinosaur said raaa!!! 

By Victoria

Zac Power Test Drive- Zac's Space Race

The Zac Power Test Drive -  Zac's Space Race is my favourite book because in this book Zac becomes a spy and his team is called GIB. The bad team is called BIG. Zac's team goes in speed boats and submarines and his cousin is an agent named Leon. He's 14 years old and Zac is 12 years old. When he's in space he wears a space coat so he can float. His family are spies too. There are other Zac Power books. Have you read them? Check them out if you go to the library!
By Logan

My Fantastic Book

My fantastic book is one of the Zac Power books because it has lots of information and it has lots of interesting words and facts. It also has cool pictures and stuff. What is your favourite book?
By Papehia

An Amazing Book

Today our teacher Miss Zeier took us all to the library. We all had to choose a book. I picked the most amazing book ever. It was awesome because it had action gadgets  My book was called Zac Power Test Drive

                                                                                   By Dontay.

All about my book

Today my teacher MISS ZEIER took the class to the school library.We had to choose a book and I got this awesome book called The World  According to Humphrey. It is my favourite book to read because it's a really interesting book. 
By Kryzlah

Thursday 20 March 2014

Coming Up is... Dawson School's New Wetland

Mr Pattison is making a wetland at our school on the field. In our new wetland there will be ducks, fish, plants and shelter for the fish so they can't get eaten by the birds like seagulls. At the moment we are just digging the rocks out so we can put the pond and plants in.  We took  photos of the pond with Sivihiva, Owen and Logan.  

Room 12 are in charge of the fish and what they eat.

 By Logan, Sivhiva and Owen 

Art Work

In room 12 we have being doing a lot of art.Some kids like doing so much art work.I just like doing both hard or easy art.This is what we are doing next.What do you think these black circles are for? By Raphael

The Sandpit

We have a new sandpit at school. All of the classes got a turn at playing in the sandpit. If you chuck sand at others that means your class is going to miss a turn. Our class was so good we got another turn. We were putting our legs under the sand to pretend we were mermaids. We were building sandcastles as well.
By Bailey and Kryzlah


My Amazing Book

I like Star Girls because they are a team that helps everyone. They have strong powers that when someone is in trouble they will fix the problem. 
By Bailey

Wednesday 19 March 2014

Reading Books is Fun

 I like Zac Power because it has more words. Zac power is a very funny book with  some super funny jokes.When I read Zac Power I think about becoming Zac Power.
By Raphael

All About Family Fun Day

On Thursday it was family  fun day. It was all about our families coming and having fun together with us. 

We had a DJ to play some music. We had lots of parents there. We had some awesome games . It was a beautiful sunny day. 

We had a boys and girls challenge when we were dancing. The girls won!
By Skyler and Victoria

Flying to Freedom

In room 12 we have been doing birds for our art. We needed lots of different kinds of coloured paper. We drew four birds to make stencils.  We put the stencils on the coloured paper to make 12 different birds. 

To make the background we used dye and crayons. We put string in paint to make power lines for the birds to sit on. 

We made two big birds using the fingerprints of all the kids in our class.

Look at our wonderful art!

By Skyler and Meleana                               

Monday 17 March 2014

Sea Shore Safari

Our topic at the moment is Sea Shore Safari. We lernt lots of new things like if a star fish loses its arm it grows back. A horn shell makes lines in the sand and heaps more.  Have a look at Year 4's Seashore art! It's wonderful!
By Skye

Family Fun Day

Last week we had Family Fun Day. We had lots of fun playing all the games. We went to the field to dance with the DJ. We had lots of different kinds of activities and lots of parents and teachers. Rita's favourite activity was the three legged race. Skye's favourite was dancing with the DJ.

By Rita and Skye

Look at all the fabulous children getting sportsmanship awards!

Sunday 16 March 2014

The Huge Dinosaur

One day my best  friend that lives next door asked if I wanted to go and play hide and go seek in the forest. I asked  my mum if I could go. "Yes" said mum, "but be very careful" "bla bla bla yes I know".

When I got there it was windy and stormy. My friend and I got so so so so cold that we made a little fire. We heard stomping in the forest so we ran away to hide. We looked back and there was a big large dinosaur running towards us. It looked hungry. It  was tall and as big as a house, I screamed for help but no one was around.

Luckily someone turned up. "We were just in time" said my friend. We just made it away from huge and scary dinosaur.
By Kryzlah

The Dinosaurs At Dawson

My Friends and I heard noises outside.  It was a huge dinosaur in the middle of the car park. We heard the dinosaurs stamping. The dinosaurs were chasing us and I was so scared. All of my friends were so terrified they ran away. We were all running away from it because it was so humungous. We were playing hide and go seek through the school but we didn't want the dinosaur to find us. This dinosaur came and nearly ate us. Luckily we escaped!
By Bailey     

The Terrifying Dinosour

One day after school I went for a walk in the forest. When I got to the forest I heard someone walking towards me, then "Ahhhh!".  A large dinosaur came towards me and bit my leg. I screamed as loud as I could, then it was good bye Mele.                                                          

By Mele

Dawson's Dinosaur

The Room 12 kids were sitting on the mat. Suddenly they heard a thump on the ground, so they ran out of the door and ran into the bush. The other class were on a trip and the dinosaur was fast. Some of the children were crying in the class. I kept on hiding in the bush until the dinosaur disappeared.

By Arsenah

Our Awesome Sea Art

This week Room 12 and Room 11 have been doing art about creatures that live in the sea. There were heaps of different pictures, some of my favourite pictures were of seagulls, crabs and shrimps. Sea creatures can be scared by sea gulls. Sea gulls are hunting dead or alive sea creatures in or out of sea. Most crabs hide under big rocks or a small rock. Shrimps have super fast legs and a small body.

By Raphael

The Biggest T-Rex

I went to school on a nice day. When it was morning tea time I was at the park. Then I heard a loud noise, thud, thud, thud as it came towards me. I was running until I decided to act dead. It left. I'm safe. It chased Tuiko and Owen. Then me and Viliami shot rocks in its mouth and it choked and Viliami and I received one million dollars.  

By Denarius

The Huge Ferocious Dinosaur

One day my friend and I were walking in the forest. We were walking and walking, all of a sudden my friend and I saw a huge dinosaur. We were screaming and we ran and ran but then the dinosaur got very mad. He started to chase us towards the mountains. My friend and and I got away from the huge dinosaur. The dinosaur had grey skin and white horns. His horns were sharp and pointy. I was so lucky I got away.

By Sivihiva