Friday 29 August 2014

Graham Braddock

Last Friday we worked with Graham Braddock. Graham Braddock is an outstanding artist. We were learning to draw Browns Bay Shop. There were lots of features in the picture like a dog, lady, wheel barrow and a man just to name a few. We made a few mistakes but we finished at  the end.  
By Viliami

Our Time at Tupu Library

Yesterday Room 12 walked down to Tupu Library. Once we arrived we walked on in and sat on the mat. We waited for awhile, when our tutors came in half the class on one side of the class was playing with rakau sticks and the other side of the class was playing with the maori club which is also known as a patu. They told us a little maori story. 

The group that was playing with the patu had  a princess called princess who was played by Tiaana and the rakau group had a d prince played by Scott. Prince Scott was very hungry so he went down to the te awa (river) and got some ika (fish) from the the awa. Princess Tiaana came into the te awa they couldn't catch any ika because they forgot their patu so they had to jump in the the awa.

Once Prince Scott saw Princess Tiaana and they fell in love. So Prince Scott took Princess Tiaana to go and meet his family. One of Princess Tiaana's friends saw them so she ran back and said to the leader the other tribe has taken our princess. They were very mad, they trained the tribe up to get their princess back. There was going to be a war! 
To be continued...

By Kryzlah and Owen

Origami crane

This term we are doing oragami for our art extention. It is going to be awesome!!! We are all doing different designs. Most of them are colourful like a rainbow. They all look amazing. I am doing mine on canvas. I painted the backround bright mattalic. I love making origami.
By Scott

My Special Family

My family is the best family in the world. They take care of me and they always love me. They always buy me stuff that I want. My family is very special because they never forget or hate me. 

I really love my family because with out them I'd be left out in the street. I love my mum and dad and my two sisters and my two dogs. I love my parents very much because they bought me a PS3 and a PSP.  For my PS3 games they bought me Call of Duty and Call of Duty Black Ops 2 and 1. 
By Tuiko



Classicfication :
A tiger is a mammal, it is the same as warm blooded.

Descripiton :
Tigers are very fierce and scary. They have different colours on its back. It's claws are very similar to a cat.

Habbit :
Some tigers live in jungles, China, Africa and Asia.

They use their four legs and they use their limbs to help.

Tigers are a meat eaters. Tigers like to eat beef, fish, they are carnivores.  

Other  Intersting facts Tigers are the same as a little cat. Tigers and cats are part of the same family.       
By Bailey

My Favourite Flowers

My favourite flowers are the tulip and  sunflowers because a tulip can be a lot of colours. You can eat the sunflower seeds and they taste nice. You can make soap with tulips and sunflowers and then your hands will smell very good, you should try it.
By Skye

Honey bees

Bees are insects.Many insects have three body parts and sixs legs. There are different kinds of bees  that make lots of honey, they are called honey bees. Bees make honey from necter to eat. Pollen is a yellow powder inside flowers. The honey bees put the pollen in little bags on their legs. The Bees take the pollen back to their nest. They give pollen to the baby bees to eat too. Beekeepers wear special clothes so the bees don't sting them.
By Bailey and Curtis


The Siberian Tiger .


They are mammals and are warm blooded. They are one of the subspeices. They are similar to a cat but bigger.

Physical description

Their whole body is covered with fur, which is orange with black stripes and some white so they can blend in the snow.


The siberian tiger lives in snowy lands or Eastern Asia and in the Russia.


They run on four legs, they have the power to be fast to catch their prey.


They eat wild cattle and deers, wild pigs, water buffalo, antelopes, sloths, bears, dogs and leopards.
They are carnivores.

Other interesting facts

The Siberian tiger  is the biggest cat. It has thick fur to keep it warm. It's heavy. Its body hangs close to the ground. 

By Logan

Blogging with Room 11

The other day we where blogging with Room11 and we were helping them learn how to blog. We helped them in the library and we used the iPads too. We used the iPads because we had to do Tellagami. Tellagami is like a project that you can create a person and record things. We use it in our class and talk about what is happening in our school. What do you do on an iPad?
By Tuiko

The Scorpion


The scorpion is an arachnid like a spider. Arachnida all have eight legs. 

Physical Description
A scorpion is a creature  that has a long tail with a poisionous stinger. The scorpion has four legs on each side. Some scorpions are hairy and some are not.

The rock scorpion lives in Southern America. It hides in the cracks between the rocks. All scorpions are found in all major land masses exept Antartica.

Scorpions crawl on eight legs. They crawl fast like spiders.

They eat insects like praying mantis. They also eat small mammals.

Other Interesting facts
Scorpions have stung and killed their predators for more then 400 years. Venom is squeezed out of the stinger.  

By Scott


During other cultures week we were learning about Ireland and St Patricks day. We made some leprechauns a d hats. We made jelly that was the colours of the Irish flag. We went in the hall  with our hats and Irish jelly. After that  we came in our classroom and ate our jellying took a photo with our teacher. We watched a leprechaun movie and some people helped my teacher to decorate our class.

By Arsenah, Rita, Skye and Diana


At the end of last term we learned to follow maps and find the place we were going. We had a little practise first. Mrs Robinson handed each person in the group a map. On the  map it showed classes, fences, poles, gardens, trees, and the field. We had to orienteer around the school. You can use orienteering if your lost and use a map to find out where you are. We had so much fun and we learnt how to navigate and use a key. Have you ever tried orienteering? 
By Tuiko and Viliami

Planets of our Solar System

Did you know the sun is a star not a planet? Some planets are near the sun. That is how we get our sunlight. Did you know some planets have more moons then another planets? Mars has 2 moons but Jupiter has over 50!

By Skyler ans Skye

My Family

My name is Skye and I'm going to talk alot about my family. My brother Josh is 10 and turning 11 in September. His favourite  thing to play is Yogio with me. He loves cheese cake more then anything in the world.

My mum works at Nestle and likes to play hand ball with Josh. She likes liquorice a lot. my dad used to work at Mainstream but he works at a different job now. He likes playing Diablo on our xbox360. Dad likes healthy lollies and loves my sisters bear that she makes.

My sister Carissa works at a restaurant in Manukau City. She likes to shop for clothes and presents. She loves chocolate and playing with me a lot. My brother in law Jason works at a car job he gets back at midnight. He likes to play rugby and soccer and he loves ice blocks.

My little sister Graci likes Justin Bieber and Bruno mars. She likes to play teachers with her teddies. She loves pudding a lot. My brother KC spends his whole day at home playing on his xbox1. He likes carrot cake. He has his own fridge full of carrot cakes.
By Skye

The Sky Tower

One afternoon I got ready to go to the Sky Tower in Auckland City. We hopped in the car and drove. We went inside the Sky Tower and we went up the elevator. It was fun. It was a beautiful sunny day. Then we went back home and had something to eat. We had fish fingers, chips and lastly we had ice-cream. I loved going to the sky tower. I went with my mum, dad, brother, sister and my cousin.
By Tiaana

Thursday 28 August 2014

Origami cranes

This term we are making origami cranes for our art exhibition. We knew how to make our amazing cranes because we practised and practised and... practised. Our beautiful teacher Miss Zeier told us step by step how to do it when we first made it. We all found it confusing to make it at first, so we hope you and your young teacher know how to make some really awesome cranes. Remember to work as a team.     
By Orlando

Tuesday 5 August 2014

The Eagle


Eagles are very dangerous birds that are called a predator. They are also large scary raptors and can be found in a rain forest.

Physical description
When eagles are born they have really sharp talons that could kill an animal easily. Eagles are born with two different kinds of colours like brown and black.

Eagles live in large nests that are built with really pointy branches and sticks. It is made in a dark rain forest. They like to hang out on cliff edges or in trees. The black eagle is found in Africa and Asia.

It moves by using its large wings and its skinny legs.

They like to eat wild animals like fish, dikdik, mammals, eggs and birds.
By Orlando

Monday 4 August 2014

my favourtie rose

My favourite rose is a pink and white rose. They look so pretty. I think that the colorful roses look so cool. My nan grows some in the front of our house. I like roses because they're red and they smell nice. I love my roses because they bloom so beautiful. When the sun shines on the beautiful roses I can smell them from far away. Roses can be red, white, purple and pink. By Skyler & Tiaana

A Tulip

A tulip is a flower that does not need any seeds for it to grow. Tulips can be red, white, yellow, purple, and pink. Some tulips have petals with smooth edges. Tulips grow in many places. What is your favourite flower in the world? Is it a tulip or a rose or something else?  

By Tuiko