Sunday 8 March 2015

I wonder... if people know if tornadoes are coming for sure?

Hi my name is Kalaye.
Today I am going to be talking about tornadoes.

I wonder... if people know if tornadoes are coming for sure?

What makes a tornado happen is cold air and hot air mix together and then a dark cloud begins to appear and make a fierce tornado. A funnel comes down from a thundercloud. It can destroy cities and the land. It spins fast. It even can take stuff of the ground.

A tornado can last for several seconds or hours. It can rip the roofs off houses. Thousands and thousands of people have died during tornadoes.

Some scientists study tornadoes. Only some scientist can warn people when a tornado is coming. Some people have basements which is a good thing to help them keep safe. People risk there lives to help others.

By Kalaye

Planets of Our Solar System

Hi, we are the cows reading group. We have been learning about the different planets in our solar system.

What we know...
Earth is the only place that has oxygen and living people that we know about - Tiare
Earth is warm because of the heat from the sun - Feagai
Earth has air and it has 1 moon - Raekwon
Earth is the only planet that has plants and animals - Suzy
It takes 365 days to move around or orbit the sun.
There are only 8 planets because Pluto isn't a planet.

Read some more of our interesting facts in our next post.


How are countries made?

A hundred thousand years ago countries use to be connected.  But since time passed countries started breaking up.
A hundred thousand years ago New Zealand used to be attached to Australia. 1.8 million years ago the countries were attached and a had one HUMUNGOUS gap which was the ocean. 

On Earth today we still have huge gaps. Maybe on Earth 100 years from now China won't be attached to Asia, Canada won't be attached to North America and Mexico won't be attached to South America. In a thousand years from now the sun might explode and all of the countries will be gone.

By Phoenyx

How was the Sun Made?

The sun is the biggest star in the galaxy. The sun is very big. The sun is very bright. The sun is so hot it burns oxygen and carbon and fizzles out. One day it will become a white dwarf. The sun heats our planet and brings life to everything on Earth. It is a big ball of gas.

By Jessica

All About Me - Seluvaia

Hi my name is Seluvaia and I am new to Dawson School. I like doing writing at home. What I like doing with my sister is playing with her or reading with her. I have friends from my old school Wesley Primary. I am 8 years old and I am turing 9 in september. I like my family because they will always support me.

By Seluvaia


I wonder... how long a tornado lasts for? 

A tornado will stop when the cold air and the warm air split up and unmix. 
Tornadoes happen in a lot of different countries.

They damage a lot of houses and people can get hurt. Thousands and thousands of people have died during tornadoes. Some people panic when a tornado comes.

Tornadoes can last from several  seconds to more an hour! Most tornadoes last for less than ten minutes



Hi, my name is Suzy. 
I am 8 years old. 
I am in Room 12.
I go to Dawson Primary.  
When I am older I want to be an artist. 
I have curly hair.