Sunday 2 November 2014


Last friday we did afl. We learned a skill called drop punt. A drop punt means if your holding a ball and you want to kick it straight to the person you want to kick it at. So you have to put the ball down up to you knees, but laces away from faces and then kick the ball. 
By Colin and Tuiko

Kiwi Kick

On Friday we did AFL Kiwikick. AFL means Australian Football League. We learned how to drop punt the ball to our partner our leaders were James, Jamie, Jono and Nick. Room11 joined us too. We learnt 4 steps. 1. Laces away from faces. 2. Drop the ball to your foot. 3. X's up and down. 4. Pointy toes facing towards your partner.
By:Logan & Scott.

Solids,Liquids and gases

A solid is something that stays in one place.

A liquid is something that moves in stuff

A gas is something that fills any space

My Holidays

In the holidays I played tag with my family. I was in the yellow team. We versed the blue team. My dad was in the blue team. We played at the Othello Park. I scored two tries. I did a runaway try. I stepped my dad and my cousin. I did a line break. I went through my mum and dad. What did you do?
By Scott

   YELLOW                                 VS                        BLUE      

Thursday 25 September 2014

Bee Keeping

On Friday a bunch of bees were flying around with the queen bee. The queen bee lays an egg so the queen bee can go to another hive. The queen bee takes a crew of bees to follow her around. Terry had to try to put the queen bee in the hive if he couldn't get the queen bee in the hive then it will make a big mess and trouble. The bee suits protect us because if you get stung it will hurt a bit.                  
From Bailey.

My dad's birthday.

On Monday it was my dad's birthday. We went fishing. I ran home after school and I got changed. Dad had the fishing stuff in the car. We left before the traffic got bad. We drove to town. We went to the wharf by the harbour bridge.
By Dante

The New Student in Our Class

Last last Monday a  new student joined our class and he was a boy, his name was Colin. He didnt like to talk too much cause he was scared. Miss Zeier told us to play with the new student. But we asked Colin if he wanted to play and didnt feel like playing. Colin is a nice new student and the next break we asked him again and he said yes so we played tiggy the whole lunch time. By Tuiko

Tuesday 23 September 2014

Cooking and Gardening

On Wednesday we did cooking and gardening. I was on gardening. It is hard work gardening. We needed gloves to keep our hands clean. Me and Orlando had to dig up the soil and turned it around. We saw lots of worms. 
By Scott

Wednesday 10 September 2014

Talent Quest

On September the 18th there is a talent quest at Dawson Primary where kids can sing or dance. It is going to be awesome. There will be a special prize. Most of the people are busy practising.
                 By Scott

Ice cream

Our favourite ice cream is strawberry and chocolate. They are very yummy flavours. Do you love the same ice creams as us? 
By Diana and Kryzlah

The Talent Quest

In Dawson Primary School we are having a talent quest on September the 18th 2014. People will come and compete to show their talent. Heaps of parents come to watch their children. There are three judges .There names are  are Mrs Harding, Mrs Ellis and Mrs Samuel. There are three prizes up for grabs. My friend  Orlando  is going go to sing (count on me) by Bruno mars.

By : Logan

Miss Karaka's Birthday

Today is Miss Karaka's birthday. We have been working hard and blowing up balloons and gave her flowers that Miss Zeier bought. Rm 17 have seen all the decerations that some of the Rm 12 kids have done. The room 12 students are going to sing happy birthday to her. We hope you liked our decorations Miss Karaka. 
By Orlando.

The Talent Quest

Bruno mars

Here at Dawson we are going to have a talent quest on the 18th of September. Kids from our school compete against the best singers and dancers in our school. There are three prizes up for grabs.Some teachers will be chosen to be judges it will be the hardest decision they have ever made.

By Viliami

Friday 5 September 2014

Origami Cranes

In Room 12 for the art exhibition we are doing Origami Cranes. The crane is a  symbol of long-life. It comes from Japan and people believe that cranes can live for a thousand years. The crane is a symbol of happiness, good luck and peace.
By Logan

Frosty Ice

I went outside and I found everything covered in ice.

I can See

Two bikes are half frozen in the snow.The snow covers everything with cold ice.

I can Smell

The smell of my hot chips keeps me warm in the snow. The strong air blows hot smoke past me.

I can Hear

The sound of the air blows loudly. Snow is dripping down from the trees. 

I am Thinking

I think I am going to freeze in the cold snow.

I just know I will have fun in the snow. 

By Raphael

Oraigami Cranes

Room 12 are making origami cranes for the art exhibition. Origami cranes are birds you make with thin paper. The paper we use is called origami paper, it is good because it much more easy to crease. 
By Denarius.

Origami Cranes

Room 12 are making origami cranes. The cranes are large and small. Everyone was practising making origami cranes at home. Some of us are finished doing our origami cranes, we chose a design to make, some of us hung our cranes up on lines. 

By Raphael and Diana



A cat is a mammal and they are warm blooded and can be kept as a pet. Cats are fluffy and cute. Cats can be inside or outside pets. Some cats can be different colours. When its angry it says "raaaar". They eat fish. Medium cats move with ther four legs. Cats love playing with a ball of yarn.Cats do not like water but do.Cats can't paddle but dogs can. Cats feel soft and cats are lazy.
By Dante

Tuesday 2 September 2014

Travelwise Assembly

Yesterday in the afternoon we went to the Travelwise assembly. We sat up so we could hear Miss Karaka talk to the whole school. She talked about the Travelwise posters that are going to be put on the gate by the hall so that the drivers know what to do when they are driving past our school. They can see our posters on the gate by the hall.  Some are really good.
By Curtis

Friday 29 August 2014

Graham Braddock

Last Friday we worked with Graham Braddock. Graham Braddock is an outstanding artist. We were learning to draw Browns Bay Shop. There were lots of features in the picture like a dog, lady, wheel barrow and a man just to name a few. We made a few mistakes but we finished at  the end.  
By Viliami

Our Time at Tupu Library

Yesterday Room 12 walked down to Tupu Library. Once we arrived we walked on in and sat on the mat. We waited for awhile, when our tutors came in half the class on one side of the class was playing with rakau sticks and the other side of the class was playing with the maori club which is also known as a patu. They told us a little maori story. 

The group that was playing with the patu had  a princess called princess who was played by Tiaana and the rakau group had a d prince played by Scott. Prince Scott was very hungry so he went down to the te awa (river) and got some ika (fish) from the the awa. Princess Tiaana came into the te awa they couldn't catch any ika because they forgot their patu so they had to jump in the the awa.

Once Prince Scott saw Princess Tiaana and they fell in love. So Prince Scott took Princess Tiaana to go and meet his family. One of Princess Tiaana's friends saw them so she ran back and said to the leader the other tribe has taken our princess. They were very mad, they trained the tribe up to get their princess back. There was going to be a war! 
To be continued...

By Kryzlah and Owen

Origami crane

This term we are doing oragami for our art extention. It is going to be awesome!!! We are all doing different designs. Most of them are colourful like a rainbow. They all look amazing. I am doing mine on canvas. I painted the backround bright mattalic. I love making origami.
By Scott

My Special Family

My family is the best family in the world. They take care of me and they always love me. They always buy me stuff that I want. My family is very special because they never forget or hate me. 

I really love my family because with out them I'd be left out in the street. I love my mum and dad and my two sisters and my two dogs. I love my parents very much because they bought me a PS3 and a PSP.  For my PS3 games they bought me Call of Duty and Call of Duty Black Ops 2 and 1. 
By Tuiko



Classicfication :
A tiger is a mammal, it is the same as warm blooded.

Descripiton :
Tigers are very fierce and scary. They have different colours on its back. It's claws are very similar to a cat.

Habbit :
Some tigers live in jungles, China, Africa and Asia.

They use their four legs and they use their limbs to help.

Tigers are a meat eaters. Tigers like to eat beef, fish, they are carnivores.  

Other  Intersting facts Tigers are the same as a little cat. Tigers and cats are part of the same family.       
By Bailey

My Favourite Flowers

My favourite flowers are the tulip and  sunflowers because a tulip can be a lot of colours. You can eat the sunflower seeds and they taste nice. You can make soap with tulips and sunflowers and then your hands will smell very good, you should try it.
By Skye

Honey bees

Bees are insects.Many insects have three body parts and sixs legs. There are different kinds of bees  that make lots of honey, they are called honey bees. Bees make honey from necter to eat. Pollen is a yellow powder inside flowers. The honey bees put the pollen in little bags on their legs. The Bees take the pollen back to their nest. They give pollen to the baby bees to eat too. Beekeepers wear special clothes so the bees don't sting them.
By Bailey and Curtis


The Siberian Tiger .


They are mammals and are warm blooded. They are one of the subspeices. They are similar to a cat but bigger.

Physical description

Their whole body is covered with fur, which is orange with black stripes and some white so they can blend in the snow.


The siberian tiger lives in snowy lands or Eastern Asia and in the Russia.


They run on four legs, they have the power to be fast to catch their prey.


They eat wild cattle and deers, wild pigs, water buffalo, antelopes, sloths, bears, dogs and leopards.
They are carnivores.

Other interesting facts

The Siberian tiger  is the biggest cat. It has thick fur to keep it warm. It's heavy. Its body hangs close to the ground. 

By Logan