Tuesday 26 February 2013


We have been learning how to swim at the Otara Leisure Centre. 

We have been learning to make rocket arms so we can swim deep under the water. 

We also have been learning how to blow bubbles underneath the water through our nose and mouth.

By Shikanah

Family Fun Day

We have just had our Family Fun Day. We did heaps of activities like musical chairs, sponge race, tails, balloon pop, gumboot toss and many more. My favourite was tails because we got to snatch the tails off of other people. It was terribly hot but we had our hats and we wore sunblock. I had a fabulous time!

By Katelyn, Tanisha, Johnnnivy & Levron


Our swan plant has had some very hungry caterpillars eating it. They ate it so much that we needed something else to feed it. Sam read that caterpillars will eat cabbage leaves and bought some from home. Room 20 gave us a butternut squash to feed the caterpillars too.

We have some that have changed into a chrysalis right in front of our eyes. Others are still busy eating though. 

Saturday 16 February 2013

Life Cycles

Room 12 have been planting some swan plants. We used some yoghurt containers. We put some soil in and then we put in the seeds. We water the plants everyday. 

Vivili, Raphael and I drew a life cycle of a butterfly on a long blue piece of wood. First I painted the leaf and the eggs. Vivili painted the tree.Then we painted the butterfly. Katelyn, Michael and Levron drew the life cycle of a swan plant on the other piece of wood. These were put together by Room 20 to make a garden for the swan plants. Some big swan plants have been planted and we will put ours in the garden once they get a bit bigger.

Levron bought part of a swan plant which has already grown to school and their are lots of caterpillars crawling all over it. 

By Tanisha