Thursday 25 June 2015

What are herds of animals?

Hi our names are Tempest and Feagai. We are 8 years old. We are talking  about  herds of animals.  A herd is a group of animals. 

Sometimes lions chase after them. Sometimes the little  ones  can  not  keep up. 

Animals stay in a herd so they can keep safe and they look for food together.

By Feagai and Tempest

Vulcan the dog

2 weeks ago 3 policemen came to talk about a police dog named Vulcan. They talked about what Vulcan can do. They said how they can bite criminals sleeves. Also.............when they are trying to catch robbers they have to throw vulcan over a fence because he cant jump that high.Vulcan has 1 trainer named............Dan. Dan worked hard to trainVulcan. 
By Kalaye

Vulcan the police dog

Last week we met a police man named Dan. He was holding a police dog named Vulcan.Vulcan is a trained german shepherd. Dan got Vulcan from a dog college. The dog trainer said when he named him he had to begin with the letter V. There are heaps of dogs like him there are....... Bomb dogs, weapon dogs, drug dogs, drug money dogs and robber dogs. Vulcan trains everyday on schedule so he can be a strong, athletic, professional dog.Vulcan really enjoys burying his bones that he gets.

When  they are trying to catch a robber, they have to throw Vulcan over the fence because he can't jump that high.Vulcan can find all types of drugs.

I want to be a police man with a police dog like Vulcan.
By Phoenyx

Cooking and Gardening.

After morning tea Room 12 went to cooking and gardening.The pink tags went to cooking and the blue tags went to gardening. Cooking was the best part of the day. We started off by cutting the onions and parsley.

In the kitchen we washed some vegetables. I think it was spinach. When I finished I had to put it in the sink and add a little bit of water and swish the vegetables around.  

This time we made fried rice and omelettes. We like cooking and gardening, it is really fun because we get to cut vegetables, cook and work in the garden.

By Tayge & Lauren

Pink shirt day

Two weeks ago on a Friday it was pink shirt day.  Dawson school had a pink shirt day parade in the school hall. We all have to dress in pink to say that bullying is not okay. We looked to see who was in the most pink. Whoever had the most pink won prizes. We liked Tristan's little pink hula skirt. 
By Maria & Lauren

 Check out Room 12!

Tuesday 23 June 2015


Hi our names are Mele, Jessica and Seluvaia. Today we are talking about swimming. At Dawson school Room 12 have been taking swimming lessons at Otara pools. The coaches were Michael, Sarah and Steve. 

Next week is our last day at swimming we really want to still go there and take swimming lessons from the coaches, they are really good at their jobs and very good swimmers.We go to swimming every Friday in the afternoon at 1.00 pm. First we have our lunch before we go swimming because we have had a whole hour of school work then we have to go swimming. 

One day we learnt about water safety and wearing a life jacket. The coaches taught us how to do a pin drop on a big boat.  

By Jessica, Mele and Seluvaia


The whole school had a pink shirt day.We had it up in the hall. People wear pink to say it is not okay to bully. We had a parade and you had to dress up in pink. There were prizes to be won. The prizes were onesies, loombands, hand bands and a special digital camera. The person in the most pink will get the digital camera. People went class by class on to the stage to show off what they were wearing.


Room 12, 11 and 13 saw police men. The police men came to talk about a dog named Vulcan. Vulcan is a german shepherd and is black. The policeman's name was Dan. Vulcan came from a dog college. He went to Dan when he 7 or 8 months old and he will have him working till he is about 13 to 14 years old. Vulcan had to learn how to jump a 2 meter wall. Dan the police man taught Vulcan how to crawl. Police use german shepherds as

Bomb dogs

Drug dogs

Weapon dogs

And money dogs 

 The dog trainer said he had to have a name starting with the letter V because of when he was adopted. Dan told Vulcan to bite the criminals sleeve. If vulcan spots a criminal and they run away they have 2 options. 
Option 1 is to give up option 2 he keeps running away from the  police and if they do the dog will stop them by biting them and pulling them to the ground. German shepherds are very fast at running. they can run up to 65km an hour.


Wednesday 17 June 2015


Hi our names are Jessica, Mele, Seluvaia and Maria. We are talking about swimming. Room 12 have been taking swimming lessons at the community swimming pool. Our coaches were amazing swimmers they taught us everything they know about how to be safe in the water. 

Swimming was a bit fun but we struggled with breathing underwater, we don't need to breath underwater because that will be weird and hard to do. The coaches names were Sarah, Steve and Michael.