Thursday 17 April 2014

Happy Easter!

We are going to be on holiday for 2 weeks. We can't wait to tell you about all our holiday fun. 
Have a safe and happy holiday and a great Easter everyone!

From Room 12


Every Tuesday Room 12 goes to science with Mr Pattison and he took our class to the computer suite  to learn how to do Scratch. Scratch is a kind of computer programme. You can learn about it with your family and your friends. With Scratch you can make a game or story.  You choose a photo for your background and there are heaps of different things that you can do. Take a look at some of ours on our scratch page.

By Kryzlah and Theresa


One day I was on the adventure play ground when I saw a dinosaur. Everybody screamed. It looked like it was hungry. We were all hiding behind the tree and the hall panicking. It finally went away.
It might come back.
By Dante

School Councillor

I am the new councillor for Room 12 and I am in charge of the Year 1 and 2 kids. My responsibility is to look after the school, show respect, be a good role model, be honest and to be responsible.

I have meetings with my class and then I meet with the other student councillors and Mrs Funaki.

By Owen 

Wednesday 16 April 2014

Anzac day

Anzac day is when we remember the soldiers that died in World War One. Anzac day is when we think about the dads and uncles that died. Anzac day is really sad because some of the soldiers didn't survive the war. Anzac day is the saddest day because lots of soldiers have been killed and lots of boats exploded.  
By Tuiko

Prince George

 Prince George is the son of Prince William and Princess Catherine. Prince George will be the King of England when Prince William dies. When Prince William's dad dies then Prince William will be the King. Prince William, Princess Catherine and their little baby George just visited New Zealand for ten days. They all must of had a great time on the plane when the were on their way. They had a sailing race and Princess Catherine won.
By Mele and Dontay


 Helmets are very important to wear when you are riding a bike, scooter or motorbike because if you are riding a bike you might fall and hit your head. This is very dangerous because you might get hurt or die. You must always wear your helmet everywhere you go.
By Orlando 


ANZAC is when we remember the people that fought in the war. ANZAC stands for Australia New Zealand Army Corps. The 
ANZACs first landed on the beaches of Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey on the 25 of April 1915. 
This is a public holiday for us to remember the people that died in the war.
The ANZACs had to stay in Gallipoli for 9 months, more than 11,000 ANZACs died during the fight in Gallipoli Peninsula. Gallipoli Peninsula is now known as the ANZAC cove.

By Viliami

Monday 14 April 2014

Our Wanted Art

In Room 12 we have just finished our wanted poster. First we ripped the outside of our posters. Secondly we wrote our names at the back of our poster. Thirdly we dyed it with tea bags to make it look really old.

After it dried we finished writing up our information and stuck the photos to the front.

By Dontay and Papehia

Tuesday 8 April 2014

Mrs Tupou, Mrs Schuster

This week we have Ms Tupou, Ms Schuster  learning  to be teachers in Room 12. The first time they came in Room 12 is on the 7th of April 2014. They are so nice they help us with our work. Room12 is going to be very sad when they leave on Friday. By Dontay, Logan and Viliami

The Outside Classroom On The Field

In the outside classroom there is bark and plants, the classroom is made out of wood,it is a rectangular shape and it has logs in it that you can sit on. You can sit down and relax. 

By Logan and Papehia and Ms Tupou

Our Amazing Wet Land

Our school is in the process of developing something exciting called the "Wet Land". The wet land is a kind of pond that will have lots of different sea creatures. We will be in charge of the fish. We have to look after them by feeding them and keeping them safe. 

Friday 4 April 2014

Healthy Lunches

Healthy lunches are good for you so if you bring junk lunch ask your mum if you could bring a piece of fruit and a sandwich. This is the food you should not be bringing to school - chocolate, fizzy drinks, orange chips, lollipops. So make the right choices for your lunch.
By Mele and Sivihiva

Wednesday 2 April 2014

Fabulous Scooters

Playing in the sand pit is fun but you know what's even better? The fabulous amazing scooters. Here at Dawson we have super speedy scooters. Each class can't wait till it's their turn on the speedy scooters. Room 13 have been the first to test the scooters, I wonder which class will be next? I wonder which class will get this amazing chance to play on the scooters !!

By Viliami 

Beware Of The Wanted Teachers

We have been working on our  Wanted posters about teachers at Dawson School. Some teachers are wanted for doing the right thing at the wrong time.We made up nicknames for the  teachers like Superwoman and Crazy Mr P. We have been writing things like what they look like, where they hangout and other stuff like that. We also say what they are wanted for and the reward offered.    
By Dontay and Raphael


Art Circles

A few days ago Room 12 were doing art circles and Papehia was the first one to finish.When the black circles are finished they have to be coloured with pastels and then the kids can move to the next step. Here Viliami is putting red dye around the circles.
By Kryzlah