Monday 23 November 2015


Hi Lauren,
We love that you have been reading our blog. We wanted to say that we miss you. What is your new school like? We were supposed to do athletics today but it rained.

From Room 12 

Tuesday 17 November 2015

Rainbow Fireworks

Rainbow fireworks are colourful and bright. Fireworks are on the 5th of November they sell them from the 3rd to the 5th so go ahead and grab some now so you can have fun at night time. Watch out for danger stuff and have fun with your family. Have fun on Fireworks night.

By Raiha

Guy Fawkes

Hi my name is Mele and I am 9 years old, Today i am going to talk about Guy Fawkes...

So Guy Fawkes was a man that lived in England him and 8 other people was trying to blow up a building where the king of England and some other people were about to have a meeting, here is a photo of  Guy Fawkes... Image result for Guy Fawkesand here is a quote of it...
Image result for Guy Fawkes
When Guy Fawkes was about to blow up the building a person found out and the attempt was ruined. After that the person that found out about it told the king and the king said "Go and find the person who did it and kill him" here is photo when they found Guy Fawkes....

By Mele


Hi my name is Maria and today I will be talking about my extension trip to Howick Historical Village. We had two teachers supervising us. Their names were Mrs Ellis and Mrs Rolle. Before we left we went to the staff room. But when we got to the staff room we had to leave because our taxi's were here. So then we had to walk back out of the office and walk to our taxi's. After that we were separated so Room 12 was in one taxi and Room 11 inside the other one. But we had a girl from Room 15 and her name is Daisy. While we were sitting in the bus some people were screaming and playing around while some other people were just sitting there quietly waiting. Then the driver said ''lets go''so then we put our seat belts on and then we went. So when we got there we got out of the bus and waited for 20 minutes because we were to early. After 20 minutes we met a lady called Mrs Hill and she introduced us to another lady called Mrs Hallim. She was the school teacher at Howick Historical Village. When we met Mrs Hallim we we went into the school room to learn how to write with stone on stone. Mrs Ellis and Mrs Rolle had a competition to see who can do the neatest writing and  Mrs Rolle won so poor Mrs Ellis. I had an awesome time!       

By Maria                                                                                                                        


Fireworks are cool but dangerous. They are colourful like a rainbow. Fireworks go high in the dark sky. They are loud like a shotgun. The smoke smells like burnt food. Fireworks stay in one place when it shoots, then it spreads around in the dark sky. Fireworks are fast like a tiger. Fireworks are sparkly when they are in the sky.
Some people celebrate Guy Fawkes Day because there was a man named Guy Fawkes.
There are different kinds of fireworks like... 
Roman candles
The demolition box
The big boom box
and lots of other fireworks.
Image result for fireworks 2015

By Adrian

Monday 9 November 2015

Tyrannosaurus Rex

A tyranosaurus rex is called a t-rex. Did you know that Tyrannosaurus Rex means king?

A t-rex could hunt his prey. He ate meat. A meat eater is a carnivore. Everybody is scared of a t-rex.

Now t-rex are only in museums because they died. 

A t-rex had 2 little arms, it was big and tall and lots of sharp teeth.

It is my favourite dinosaur because it was better than the other dinosaurs.

By Raekwon 

Tuesday 3 November 2015


Pandas are very soft like a blanket. Pandas are slow like a snail, slug and turtle. They eat bamboo all day until they are tired and then they go to sleep.  When they are tired they lie down in the snow and have a good sleep. Pandas have a thick fur coat to keep them warm. They take care of their babies well. Pandas live in China in the mountains covered with bamboo forests. When other animals or pandas come close they do a big growl to make them go away. 

Pandas have sharp nails. They are black and white. They are not like other bears. Pandas are very good at hiding in the snow because they are black and white.

Some people lock pandas in cages and put a collar around their neck. They set them free so they will always know where they are. Some pandas are in the zoo. They have made movies about pandas like Kung Fu Panda. 

People are not allowed to kill pandas anymore. We like that pandas are soft and cuddly like a lions mane and that their teeth look like vampires teeth cause they are sharp and pointy. 

By Feagai and Alekisio