Tuesday 16 April 2013


On Friday the 12th of April Room 12 did a science experiment with the M&M's. We were talking about what would happen when we put the M&M's in the bowl with the water. Then some people said if you put different colours in the bowl the colours would mix together and make another colour. After that we tried it out and the colours didn't mix because when the colours met they stopped and didn't go any further. 

After that we thought that we could make a pattern with red and blue and a green M&M in the middle. After that we did one with three colour's on one side and one on the other. Next we were watching the colours spread out while I was taking a video. By Katelyn

Saturday 13 April 2013


We have been learning about ways we can keep ourselves safe wherever we go. We also talked about being safe online by not sharing our personal details like our full names, addresses or phone numbers.