Sunday 31 May 2015

Room 12's Hockey lessons

This year Room 12 have been taking hockey lessons. At hockey we are learning to hold the hockey stick. The left hand goes on the top and your right hand makes an upside down L half way down the stick. To grip the hockey stick your left hand should be holding on to the stick tightly like your angry and your right hand should be loose. There are two ladies that teach us how to hold the hockey stick. They are called George and Rachel.

We take hockey lessons in the hall. In the hall we also play a game where we get into 2 groups and George has to call out the numbers 1 2 or 3. Then we have to run around the cones and run through the other teams goal and the other team has do the same. The hockey ball is in the middle of the hall. Last time the group that I was in won the game and it was really exciting.  

By Jessica


Shipwrecks are a good place to find gold, copper, silver, bronze and glass. A shipwreck is a ship that has crashed or sunk in oceans and rivers. Sometimes a ship can crash because of massive rocks, something might not be working properly or the parts of the ship might be broken.

People can still die even if it's shallow water because they can go...slip and BANG!!!.

Your ship can still be a shipwreck if it crashed today or back in 1592 or something. 

A shipwreck can also be wrecked by bad weather.

A ship has a hull, it's an important part of the ship. If it breaks, then your ship automatically sinks obviously. ( A shipwreck is a ship that crashed right now or a long time ago.) That's all the information we know.

Read this if your interested in shipwrecks. 
So long.


The Bismarck

The Bismarck was a German battleship. It was one of only two full sized war ships. 

It launched during world war 2 in August 1940. The ship was only working for eight months. 

The Bismarck was one of the largest and strongest battleships in the world. 

By Lauren and Seluvaia

Sunday 17 May 2015

Assembly-vet Came Over

When the Auckland vet came to the assembly they were talking about animals. They were really talking about dogs, they wanted us kids to know that dogs are almost like people. Then the vet people told the teachers they could choose two kids in each class to come up to the stage. After that  the vet people said do you want  to watch a video, us kids said YES it mostly said "if a dogs on it's own leave it alone." If you want to touch a dog you need to ask the owner before touching the dog.

By Seluvaia


ANZAC Day is on April  the 25th . Men and Women from New Zealand , Australia and other countries went to fight for their freedom. Men as young as 15 years old went to war. We wonder How did they feel?  How did their parents feel?

Sonshine Ranch

On April the 1st Year 4 went to Sonshine Ranch.  
We rode on a horse. There was a park with monkey bars, swings, ropes, slides and stairs. There were lots of animals. Pigs, guinea pigs, goats, rabbits and chickens. We got to pat the guinea pigs and the rabbits.  There was a water confidence course, there was also a flying fox and a rope swing.

By Jessica


Hi my name is Raekwon,
I was born in 2006 and my favourite colours are red and blue. I want to be a shark catcher so I can save people.

 by  Raekwon


We have been reading about snakes. Did you know snakes  are  cold- blooded  and  they are reptiles? Snakes can catch mice. If  they are  hungry some snakes can  swallow bigger animals. Underneath their old skin is new smooth skin.

By Akanesi and Mum