Wednesday 21 August 2013


This term we are writing to our penpals at Anderson's Bay School in Dunedin. We have sent one letter to each other and told each other about our schools and families. We can't wait to hear back!
Look at our beautiful letters!

Static Electricity

How Lightning FormsWe have been reading a book about storms and lightening. Lightening is like electricity. When warm air rises and mixes with the water vapour in the air it makes clouds. When it is really cold it turns into ice. The ice is bumping around building up like static electricity to cause lightening.

We looked at how we could make our own static electricity by making positive and negative charges like the air using a balloon. We blew up balloons and rubbed them against our jumpers and the carpet. We then put the balloons by our heads and watched our hair stand up and touch the balloon. We even did it to Miss Zeier's hair!

By the Monkeys Reading Group - Vivili, Tiare, Shikanah, Elyjah, Sam & Deztynee

Tuesday 6 August 2013

Cooking and Gardening

Room12 is doing cooking and gardening and some people go to cooking or gardening. Last week we made sushi out of rice, vegetables and spinach and apple muffins. It was  cool and lovely. We can’t wait to see what we make next!
By Dayton and Sam

Monday 5 August 2013

William Tell

80 paces away from the hall and Katelyn
Today during reading we read a story about a man called William Tell who lived in Switzerland about seven hundred years ago. He had practised shooting wolves in the forests around his mountain home. One day him and his son went to go see foreign soldiers. The people of Switzerland hated them. Then a man came out and said ''I know him he can shoot an apple from eighty paces". They wanted him to shoot an apple off his sons head.

After we had learnt about William Tell we went outside and got an apple and started walking eighty paces then Miss Zeier said to stay there with the apple on my head and they'll go and do eighty paces. When they did it they went from the end of the field all the way to the court. Then Miss Zeier took a picture of me then I started laughing.

Written by Katelyn

40 paces away from Katelyn

Maori Week 2013

Last term in New Zealand it was Maori language week. Room 12 was doing poi Toa and Ti rakau. A poi Toa was used by Maori. A poi toa was a weapon. Poi toa were made in the olden days.

By Tiare