Tuesday 29 July 2014

Amazing Lizards

Amazing Lizards can change their colour when they are angry and lizards can run 400 meters on water. They can use their tail to balance on water. When a lizard gets scared it runs across the water on its back legs and it doesn't sink into the water . The geckos can walk up side down along the ceiling without falling off. It has flat round toes, there are lots of tiny hairs. The hairs help the lizards to hold on. They can grip so well that the lizard can hang from the ceiling by one toe.
By Theresa and Diana

Amazing Lizards

A Basilisk lizard can use its tail to balance on water. Geckos have hairs on their toes so they can stick on the ceiling. Dragon lizards can escape from danger with its wings. Lizards can lose their tail when  enemies are attacking them, after the enemy is gone the lizard grows a new tail. 
By Raphael and Denarius

Two weeks holiday

In my holiday I played on my ps3. I played call of Duty Ghost and Call of Duty Blackops 2. After that I went outside to play with my freinds at home. We played rugby. I was in the Blues and my other freind was in the Chiefs. The chiefs scored once and then we scored once. After I went home cause it was dinner time. After dinner we brushed our teeth and went to sleep.
By Tuiko

Tuesday 22 July 2014

Our brand new games

Yesterday Miss Zeier got some new games. One is called cooking up sentences. It's a  very cool game to play and we got another game called Ant picnic
 These are our favourite reading games. They are teaching us heaps about antonyms, synonyms, nouns, verbs, adjectives and heaps more. What's your favourite game at school?
By Kryzlah and Papehia

The Computer Bee in Science

In science Mr. P showed us a computer bee. It has buttons that control the bee. The buttons go left, right, up and down. It moves 10cm each time you move it forward. After that we played the bee game on the iPad. We had to use the buttons to move the bee on to the flower in one go. 
By Sivihiva

The computer Bee In Science

 In science Mr Pattison showed us how to use the robot bee. It can only go three meters. Mr Pattison told us how to use the buttons. 

This was showing us how a computer is programmed. Like what we have been doing with scratch. 

When we finished playing around with it he gave us an iPad, he told us that we had to buddy up with room 5.                  
By Bailey And Mele