Monday 30 June 2014

The Chicken Coop

For our assembly I made a video on Tellagami about the chicken coop next to the boardwalk. I wrote a script about the chicken house and I found facts about chickens. I hope you enjoy my video.
By Logan


I used an awesome app called Tellagami to talk about scratch. I found my pictures on our Room 12 computer by opening scratch and creating a project. Have a look.
By Orlando

The Wetland

To make this video I wrote a script about the wetland. Then I recorded myself on the Tellagami app. I took a photo of the wetland and put it as my background. I played my video during our class assembly. 
By Kryzlah

Art & Singing

Today we were working on creating our stars for our Matariki art. We were listening to music as we did our art. Miss Zeier recorded us singing as we worked. Matariki means the seven sisters or the eyes of God. This is when we remember out families who have died. In the olden days Maoir people looked at the stars and if they were shining bright that means it would be a good year for planting crops. What do you know about Matariki?
By Tevtita E and Curtis

The Butterfly Garden

This is my video about the butterfly garden. I made it using an app called Tellagami.

Thursday 26 June 2014

Grizzly Bears

Did you know grizzly bears are a North American subspecies. Most female grizzlies weigh at lest 130 - 200 kg. These kind of bears are carnivores, this mens they eat other animals. They can run up to 30 miles per hour. They live up to 20 - 30 years. Grizzly bears are blood thirsty animals. I think they are cool creatures...
By Viliami


This is us practising evading with the soccer coaches in the hall. We had to try and lose our partner and they had to follow you and stay as close as they can. 
Check us out!

Life Jackets

At swimming we were learning about how to stay safe at sea and what to do if we fall in the water. We were practising what to do wearing a life jacket. Make sure you stay in a group so you can stay warm. What else can you do to keep safe in the water?
By Room 12

Samurai Tevita

The samurai has a sharp sword like a shark and he has smooth hair. He has a black suit. He has an angry face. He is sitting on the hard ground. He fights people that are ninjas and he lives in the desert.

By Tevita


  Bees are black and yellow. There is one queen bee, she is the biggest bee out of all of the bees. Do you know how bees sting? Okay so if you don't then let me tell you. So the bees have a little stinger on the tip of  their tale that can sting you and once a bee stings you it cant sting anyone again, it will die.
By Kryzlah

Facts about Bees

Bees help humans when you don't feel well. They help you by drinking tea or warm lemon mixed with water and honey. The bees get their honey from the nectar. Bees have a stinger that sits on there bottom. They sting humans when you try and shoo them away.
By Bailey

Polar Bears

Did you know a polar bear can keep warm in low tempertures because it has layers of fat called blubber and they have two layers of fur. Polar bears are carnivores. Polar bears mostly eat fish and are excellent at swimming. Polar bears don't have any predators because they are not any ones prey. The reason I've picked to talk about polar bears is because I haven't studied bears and today I was reading about bears. I hope you learnt a lot of things about bears like me.
By Scott

Facts About Bees

Bees are flying insects, they are related to wasps and ants. Bees use nectar, water and pollen to make honey. Also bees have an exo-skeleton and they add an enzyme to the nectar. An enzyme is a chemical made inside living things. Bees carry pollen in pollen sacks. When people have sore throats the honey helps your throat feel better and also honey kills bacteria. Bees are cool because they make sweet sweet honey.

By Papehia & Owen

Sunday 22 June 2014

The Cantankerous Camel

Room 12 have been working hard on our Cantankerous Camels. Some of the Room 12 kids have been working really hard to draw light lines for their camel, then some kids were ready to colour their camels in. They had to colour their camels in tiny circles using pastels to blend the colours. It took a week or two. Then when everyone finished their camels all of the art was done. 
By Raphael


If you are going somewhere in a car and you have your seat belt on and your mum and dad do not have their seat belt on you should tell them to put it on. Always make sure you are safe. 
By  Victoria .

James and the Giant Peach

Every afternoon we read our chapter book James and the Giant Peach. In the story the characters names are Aunt Spiker, Aunt Sponge and the main character is James . 

We've been reading about  how the peach got bigger and bigger, and we've been reading about how Aunt Spiker and Aunt Sponge keep on calling James bad things like filthy, nuisance, miserable creature and disgusting little beast. They are as horrible as a troll and as a cruel as a nasty creature. 

What books have you been reading?
By Logan and Scott

Thursday 12 June 2014

Wooden Sticks

There are wooden sticks in the garden that say something in Maori. If you speak Maori you may know what the words mean. If you do not you may like to take a guess. See if you can figure them all out. These are found on the bark near Room 19. Hint - They are our school values!
By Logan & Orlando

Monday 9 June 2014

Miss Viljoen

Miss Viljoen is our new student teacher in Room 12.It was so exciting when it was Miss Viljoen's birthday because Room 12 got tasty chocolate cake. She is learning about teaching. We are excited to have her in our class.

By Raphael

Jam Bus

At the end of last term the jam bus came to record us singing. Most of Room 12 was away. Papehia was going to be singing a solo but he was away so Villami had to take over for him. We had to quickly change our groups but luckily we did a very good job. We sung Sweetly Sings the Donkey. We even got a CD that we could keep that had every classes songs on it.

By Bailey 

Friday 6 June 2014

Term 2

This term is Term 2. We have now got four new people in our classroom. We had Scott and Tavita arrive from different schools. They are both very nice. They are different sizes but they are the same age. Scott is 8 and so is Tavita.      

Last week we had Curtis and Tevita join our class from Room 10. So now we have 2 children with the same name. We are going to call them Tavita T and Tevita E so they know which one we are talking to. 
All four new kids are boys. Welcome boys!
By Skye


Last Week Room 12 played soccer with counties for the last time. Now it is Room 11's turn for the next three weeks. We practised using our feet and legs to kick the ball. We learned to pass the ball with our feet. We are getting really good at it!  

By Owen and Tavita

The Queen's Birthday

On Monday it was the Queen's birthday. We got a day off school. Me and my cousin made a birthday card for her. I hope she loved her birthday cake. It's nice to think about the Queens birthday. It would be so cool to see the Queen in London. We have never seen her in Auckland but I hope she can visit  us one day. I think she looks wonderful.

By Tevita E and Tavita T



Samurai Tavita has a sharp sword and a black suit. He has smooth hair and he's tan. His eyebrows make his face look angry. He's living  in China. Samurai Tavita is like a ninja, he fights people and  he fights bad people. He has powers.

By Tavita

The Legendary Samurai

One day there was a strong legendary samurai with a flame sword. He has dark black samurai hair with specks of light black. He has grey shiny armour on his chest. With his long sharp flame sword he is unstoppable to anyone who versus him. They will lose. He is the ultimate samurai. He will not be defeated by anyone

By Raphael


Kenshin is a samurai. He has strong armour. When people try to slay him the sorwds bend. Kenshin's armour is black so that nobody will see him in shadows. Kenshin's hair is black and it is smooth. Kenshin is the fourth strongest samurai.  

By Denarius

Our Asemmbly

Last week our class had our assembly. We showed our tellagami app, we shared dome of our dinosaur stories and pictures, then we sang a song called Toru Manu Iti which is Three Little Birds by Bob Marley. Then we showed the senior school a new jump jam hip  hop song called Clumsy. We weren't able to get any photos of our assembly. We hope everyone enjoyed it. 
We were very proud of ourselves. 

By Viliami & Kryzlah